giffgaff is a little different to your `normal` telecoms company. It`s a mobile business owned by Telefonica, but run by its customers - our members. Sounds interesting? It is.

We want people to love what they do and love what giffgaff is all about. It`s important to feel that way, especially in this energetic and competitive market. We`re a spirited and disruptive bunch at giffgaff, not every now and then, but everyday, yes, even on Monday mornings. Each and every person, who comes and works at giffgaff, must believe that we are a David amongst Goliaths in Mobile-land. And much like David, we are successfully making a positive change.

About the Team:
Our Expert Leads have amazing technical capability and are always curious about technology. They tackle problems without giving up and produce solutions that any team can use, maintain, and learn from. Many companies would stop right there and only measure along a technical axis --- but that simply doesn`t work for a company of our size and collaborative work style.

So our experts are also natural leaders who know how to develop and follow a sense of purpose, in themselves and in others. They are willing to point out, own, and fix things that are broken about our company and in their own career tracks.
Most importantly for a member-driven organisation such as ours, they also have "connectedness" --- a set of community-focused skills and a sense of being part of a larger whole, a desire to contribute, a sense that the other people (i.e. associates, co-workers, members) are not simply characters in his or her own movie, but fully-realized individuals.

Your Role:
We`re looking for a Data Warehouse Expert Lead, a data-centric software engineering guru; a technology leader who exemplifies our culture, can nurture our engineers and evangelise our technology. As an Expert Lead you`ll be accountable for the line management, motivation and performance of around 10-15 engineers deployed in several cross functional agile product development teams.

Working with the Head of Product Engineering, you`ll manage and allocate your direct reports to individual agile product teams, responding to senior stakeholders up to `C` level, so that the maximum possible business benefit is delivered.

You`ll undertake the evaluation and management of individual developer`s work to ensure code is consistently developed in line with giffgaff`s methods and design standards, and architectural and security guidelines at an acceptable productivity level.
You`ll take remedial action as required e.g. providing expert advice and coaching or updating giffgaff`s working practices. You`ll also ensure that individual developers work effectively as expert contributors cooperating with team members with different areas of expertise in cross functional teams.

You`ll ensure best practice is shared across all the developers i.e. by running specialist `community of practice` knowledge sharing events. You`ll have a key role in the definition and governance of giffgaff`s approach to your area of expertise: behaviours & beliefs, principles & practices, coding standards (including defensive and secure coding), testing & quality (unit, integration, performance, end-to-end and automation), framework selection and tooling. You`ll also lead continuous improvement activities e.g. lobbying for and implementing process and tools changes such as the automation of development and control practices.


-Recruitment of new employees; assessing suitability based on cultural fit, technical skills & team fit.
-Induction of new employees e.g. developing graduates to be fully contributing developers.
-Personal development of all direct reports through deep functional knowledge and the application of expert coaching and mentoring skills on a day-to-day basis.
-Performance management e.g. through code reviews to audit the quality of each person`s output.
-Formal human resources policy implementation e.g. objectives setting, personal development planning, sickness and holiday administration, informal discipline and grievance handling, salary reviews.
-As the lead expert in your discipline, you`ll also contribute to our technology strategy and to our R&D effort including the evaluation of new technologies in support of the Head of Product Engineering and the overall Technology team.

-You`ll work closely with the Head of Product Engineering and Head of Product Delivery and your Expert Lead peers. This role is a direct report to the Head of Engineering and you`ll be a member of the extended technology management team.
-You`ll work closely with the Product Owners and Scrum Masters of multiple agile Product Teams.
-You`ll work directly with Managed Service providers to address performance needs and issues.
-You`ll be expected to influence and to input into how our Technology budget is spent.

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Closing date: 31/08/17