Job Description:

Graduates are key to the overall success of CH2M. We invest in initial career experience of graduates through our graduate development programme. This serves as the foundation to building our pipeline of future leaders. Our CH2M Asset Management team work in the UK water sector to deliver asset management planning support for physical assets and systems. We are looking for an exceptional data analyst and simulation modeller to be part of our dynamic simulation capability team to help our clients understand the resilience of complex systems. Working as part of a team you will be responsible for all aspects of defining, building and running models that dynamically simulate the operation and maintenance of water supply systems. Your role will include developing a detailed understanding of the water systems and their operation across a range of operational conditions. You will develop unique rules and logic in computer code (ModL) based on analysis of range of data and information available from client systems. You will be responsible for researching, building, calibrating, validating and running models as well as articulating results to clients. Typical responsibilities will include: * Communicating with clients by telephone, email and in person at meetings * Analyzing asset data using a range of methods and statistical analysis to determine asset attributes, performance and service * Building dynamic simulation models of complex water and systems in the ExtendSim modelling environment * Calibrating and testing ExtendSim models * Understanding asset failure modes and applying reliability analysis principles * Creating and running Modelling ExtendSim scenarios including Monte Carlo and 'What if' type analysis * Summarizing and interpreting model results into concise technical reports * Articulating findings to clients In addition to working in a world class team, you will earn a competitive compensation and you will participate in the graduate development programme where you will be able to learn from experience of other graduates as well as participate in cross sector projects that allow you to grow as a professional. The minimum qualifications for this position are: * You should have graduated with or be expecting to graduate with a Bachelors or Masters degree in Water Engineering and Management (preferably with a focus on hydraulics) or in a Water focused degree * Some experience of using and developing models in ExtendSim including the use of the dynamic simulation language ModL in a commercial environment is required The ideal candidate will possess the following skills and experience: We are also looking for: * Experience in working for the regulated UK Water Sector * Experience in applying reliability analysis theory in dynamic simulation * Experience in GIS software and its applications * Experience in numeric and statistical analysis and Monte Carlo simulation techniques * Experience in managing data and information in spreadsheets and databases * Experience in writing concise technical reports and creating and delivering presentations * Good spoken and written standard of English How to apply: If you are interested in applying to us for this position, please submit your application with an up-to-date resume and a cover letter. Your CV/ Resume should be no more than one to two pages and should include (as a minimum) the following: * Your contact details (email ID, contact number, address) * Educational qualifications, including the grades you've received. If you are an international student, please tell us about your grades, regardless of the form they take (percentages are welcome, as well as other types of grades - feel free to describe them so that we understand what they mean for you and your school) * Professional certifications (if any) * Any interesting projects or internships you've undertaken, and any other information that you think will help our team get to know you professionally Your cover letter should be no more than 500 - 600 words and should include details about why you would be a good fit for the role in terms of the minimum and preferred qualifications as well as in terms of any relevant experience you have had in the past. Application deadline: Please submit your application by 30th September 2017.