A graduate engineer with a good simulation background supported by a good engineering and practical aptitude. The ability to visualise problems and then express and investigate within a simulation package is vital. The person will have a wish to develop themselves in the job by applying their current knowledge to a practical work environment and building upon it to benefit both the individual and the business. To achieve this, the individual will need to marry their design & simulation skills to component testing and be willing to learn and contribute ideas for the early validation of design and process. Key knowledge / skills - A good mechanical engineering degree (or similar field). - FEA knowledge in Ansys is a must - Good knowledge of fluid mechanics and CFD would be advantageous. - Good general computing skills including visual basic. Responsibilities - Working as a team member within the Product Development unit. This area covers New Product Design and Development, Simulation, Prototype and Test. - Simulation o The simulation of mechanical behaviour of the components, using Ansys (static, modal vibration, linear and plastic, transient) oUse macros driving Ansys to support application engineering work for customers. o Use CFD to simulate hot gas and liquid flow in heat exchangers and other fluid transfer components. o Use of CAD and Ansys to generate models for simulation. o Interpretation of experimental performance data to aid prediction and correlation. - 'Hands on' o Lead in test set up and iteration especially with multi-axis testing. - General o Write reports with developed conclusions based on simulation and / or test results. o Support design decisions for new products based upon simulation and test results.

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