Our client is an industry leader in world-class materials management andclassification software solutions. Their products are used byhigh-profile clients worldwide to accelerate new product development,allowing engineers to intuitively compare complex multivariate data andmake informed choices during the design process saving money and time.

With an ever-expanding functionality to their software, they are nowtackling the use of hazardous or dangerous materials in industry. Theirgoal is to help companies minimise and eventually eradicate the use ofthese chemicals in their products by providing data on alternativematerials or production processes. To help them with this work, they nowseek an experienced engineer, chemist or materials scientist,experienced in the procedures and regulations relating to hazardousmaterials, to join their team.

Coming from a science background, you will have a good degree inChemistry, Chemical Engineering or Materials Science from a leadinguniversity. A further postgraduate qualification (a masters or PhD)would be welcomed, but isnt mandatory. A broad knowledge of thechemical composition of a variety of substances is required, and youwill have had experience of working with a number of regulated materialsin an industrial setting. You will also have an excellent understandingof the regulatory procedures and mechanisms (such as REACH or RoHS)which are key to many manufacturing processes.

You will be working in a team developing software and tools for themanagement of these materials in industry. You will be able to advise onprotocols and industry best practice to incorporate these standards intoa software used worldwide, contributing to increasing industrial safetystandards for generations to come.

Based in central Cambridge, our client offers a modern and relaxedworking environment, working with friendly, like-minded people. Acompetitive salary is supplemented by benefits, which can include shareoptions, health and insurance benefits or local gym membership. If thissounds like the opportunity for you, dont hesitate to apply now!

Keywords: Hazardous materials, risk management, REACH, RoHS, EMIT,Materials, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Cambridge

Please note: even if you don't have exactly the background indicated,do contact us now if this type of job is of interest - we may well havesimilar opportunities that you would be suited to. And of course, wealways get your permission before submitting your CV to a company.

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