The IT Service Manager is responsible for the delivery of IT servicesto our customers, namely students (undergraduates and postgraduates) andstaff (professional services and academics).

They will be responsible for driving service improvement throughaccurate and timely management information reporting on service metrics.The Service Delivery Manager will own, develop and embed the key ITILprocesses (Incident, Request, Problem) into the organisation to drive upstandards and performance. In addition, the role-holder will provideleadership and management to the first line IT Service Desk and MobileDevice support teams.

The post-holder owns the configuration and development of the ITServices call-logging tool, Footprints, and is responsible for gatheringthe feedback and improvements required from the customers in order todeliver the highest levels of service.

The Service Delivery Manager will play a key role in the release of newservices and will ensure their transition to service will minimise therisk of incidents and ensure a smooth release.

The main responsibilities of the post are:

Own and manage the Incident, Request and Problem Managementprocesses, ensuring high levels of performance in these areas andproviding regular, timely and factual reporting on performance.
Deliver suitable management information reporting to the senior ITleadership team with key metrics to measure the service improveperformance, quality and consistent work practices and improvementopportunities.
Operationally manage the Critical Incident (CI) process.
Work with Team Leaders in all areas of the Department to improveperformance, quality and consistent work practices
Establish key stakeholder relationships (Team Leaders in other Groupsin the Department) in order to follow-up where there problems with callresolution to determine the cause.
Oversee and coordinate training and support in IT service management(ITIL processes) and the call logging tool (Footprints) across the Department.
Develop, manage and implement the communication plan with all usersof IT Services (students and staff) to ensure timely, concise andrelevant information about service delivery, including, but not limitedto, service outage, service risks, service changes or improvements andgeneral way-finding information etc.
Liaise with customers on a regular basis to determine serviceimprovements and to understand the landscape of the user-base.
Ensure high levels of customer service are provided to all users ofIT Services.
Work effectively with the Project Delivery Group to establisheffective processes to release new or modified IT services into production.
Develop, implement and regularly review SLAs and OLAs based onbusiness requirements, informed by service reporting and data.
Provide leadership to the IT Service Desk and Mobile Device support teams.
Analyse the impact of new services on the IT Service Desk team andensure adequate training and handover has been provided to accept thesupport of the service.
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