This company, have a reputation for being the best tactical digital agency in Pharmaceuticals, specialising in iPad presentations, apps and web services. This is a unique opportunity to become a key member in a friendly and fun team of creative minds, strategic thinkers and technical specialists. They are looking for a new junior designer to join their team based in Twyford. They want someone who is passionate about design and knows their way around the adobe creative suit (Photoshop, illustrator etc.) but feels confident enough to take on other responsibilities and to really make their mark as part of a team. You will develop the skills of solving client problems with creative ideas and delivering projects within budget and timeframes. The focus primarily on healthcare and pharmaceutical clients, and the work requires a high degree of attention to detail. If you're happy to be told what to do without having your say, then you won't be interested in this position; but if you want to push yourself and your design skills, then this is a perfect opportunity to add real value and show your worth. Your skills will need to include: - Strong visual design skills - Fanatical attention to detail - Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator together with a basic understanding of digital design and development standards such as HTML 4/5, JavaScript and CSS. - Solid communication skills in English, both written and verbal - The ability to work in a team and independently - A positive attitude and strong work ethic - Able to handle a fast-paced work environment while juggling several different tasks and responsibilities All candidates will be required to provide a strong portfolio to showcase their design skills. Experience: No experience required to apply but preferable proven track record in the above skills and relevant areas of work. They spot the potential in talented people and believe in passion, attention to detail and work ethic over experience, especially in their graduates and younger employees. Simply prove that you offer the relevant skill set and they will consider you for an interview.