Life sciences recruitment; combining technology and healthcare in this exciting new role. This is the perfect opportunity for a graduate recruitment consultant looking to combine a technical and challenging market, with the dynamic life sciences and healthcare industries. Work with one of the nicest MD's in London, providing hiring solutions across the board for the technological needs of big organisations in the medical sector, the NHS being a key client. Life sciences recruitment is flourishing and this firm is well ahead of the curve, using cutting edge technology to go far beyond transactional recruitment. If you are relaxed, likeable and looking for a consultative environment centred around building networks and relationships then this is the perfect place for you. If you're .- Relationship focussed, with an ability to build rapport with people of any background- Ethical, prioritising business reputation and long-term relationships over 'making a quick buck' - Patient, willing to put in the hard work for a year to reap the reward in your 2nd year after learning the industry inside out- Resilient, able to suffer knock backs and keep picking up the phone, even if you aren't always getting results- Down to earth, realistic in knowing that you have to earn your money, not assuming it will fall into your lap- Articulate, good standard of written and spoken EnglishThen you can expect .- To work alongside (and be inspired by) billers pulling in £50k per month (equal to £8k commission on top of basic salary)- To thrive in a collaborative environment (no candidate ownership, all job specs shared to maximise team billing)- Regular team socials (beer pong night, open bar once a month) - Support and patience, not expected to bill until you have had adequate training- To be trained and learn from directors with over 25 years experience between them