Our client is a large IT distributor serving its B2B IT Resellercommunity clients with support for the technologies which they sell. Theorganisation provides hardware (Servers, Storage and Networkingcomponents) and Software, and has relationships with all the majorvendors such as Cisco and IBM, Avaya, HP as well as Microsoft, VMWare,Symantec et al. It is part of a larger global company and is growingyear on year, offering real opportunity to its teams in terms of careerpotential and in exciting technologies to work with. The company cultureis one where they love to see people grow and flourish and whereintegrity and mutual respect is offered internally and to the resellercommunity being served. Within and without, the organisation believes inpartnering and teamwork to help them achieve their goals.
The company is now looking to hire a graduate with a passion fortechnology to join their technical pre-sales team.
A Presales Technical person will typically work alongside the salesperson within an organisation to help their customers (in this case thereseller) fully understand the technical capabilities of hardware orsoftware, and to help them select the right solution for their specificneeds. They may be called on to help build responses to tenderingdocuments or proposals. They will usually need to work on the detailedconfiguration of the hardware or software being purchased. They need tobe great communicators, and need to have a real interest in technology.Sometimes technical presales people are asked to demonstrate thetechnology being sold, which means they need to understand it betterthan most, and be able to field any kind of question.
For this reason, great technical pre-sales people can concentrate longenough to read and fully understand the manuals and then they cantranslate technological aspects of a product or solutions intolaypersons terms. Sometimes, pre-sales technical people are asked tobuild proofs-of-concept, which means that they get to build the solutionfor real, but scaled down, in order to prove to a client that it can bedone, or that it can meet the technical requirements. Finally, presalestechnical people have to show-off what the technology can do, and thisis often in the form of presenting to small groups of people to explaintechnologies, or sometimes to teach others how technology works.

Key Skills Requirements
Must be happy to attend training or read a manual and learn about atechnology so that they can pass their knowledge on
Really needs to be a good communicator (in all forms, to all levelsof technology awareness)
An interest in technology and being the first to know about atechnology is highly desirable
Attention to detail is an important attribute as is listening. It isimportant to understand the clients requirements fully.
An awareness of markets and competition would be really useful.
After a full induction and tours of the organisation, the new technicalpre-sales person will be given a personal development plan and trainingto bring them up to speed with the role. There will be training in theworkshop or classroom sense as well as learning on-the-job. This is anamazing opportunity for someone to grow into a career which straddlesboth technology and the market facing aspects of a company. Initiallythe work will be office based, but over time, after training, thepre-sales technical support person will be required to visit clients ontheir own sites.

How to Apply:
If you meet the above criteria for the Technical Pre-sales role pleaserespond to this with an up to date copy of your CV. If you have anyproblems during the application process please call the office on . Our office hours are between 9am - 5pm Monday through to Friday.You may not hear from us straight away due to the level of applicationswe receive every day. We can only respond to applicants whose skills andqualifications are suitable for this position.

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