This life sciences company develops natural bioactive compounds into novel antimicrobial solutions to human and animal health-related problems and takes these solutions to the market where they can be used.

The company was established in 1998. Over the last 18 years they have grown into a life sciences company that is a leader in the development of anti-infectives. Their aim is to use their culture of creativity and diversity to contribute to improving the lives, health and wellbeing of those patients and customers who have life-limiting rare diseases or for whom effective treatments for their medical conditions are not currently available.

Their people consist of highly trained individuals with backgrounds in analytical chemistry, separation science, medicinal biology, microbiology, protein chemistry, drug development, agriculture, engineering and business, who intuitively think creatively.
They offer a highly rewarding career in the life science industry and is looking for dynamic and motivated individuals to join their expanding team.

- Carry out research and development projects in natural product biotechnology both independently and under supervision of senior staff members.
- Transfer of methods from lab scale to small pilot and production scale.
- Contribute to innovation and modification of processes, methods and equipment.
- Conduct laboratory analysis procedures and quality control procedures as required.
- Manage inventory for R&D projects.
- Maintain appropriate records.
- Write technical reports and specifications, including Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as necessary.
- Assist in production and support production staff when required.
- Monitor the suitability of raw materials, components and process parameters to ensure that quality is maintained at all times.


Essential Requirements:
- A Degree or equivalent qualification in Pharmaceutical, Microbiology or related discipline. Candidate without formal qualification but >3 years relevant experience would also be considered.
- Computer literacy (familiarity with Microsoft Office as a minimum).
- Demonstrated diagnostic and problem solving skills.
- Experience with process development and implementation.

- 3 years experience in a field of life science research.
- Mastery of a variety of method and techniques for advanced microbiological techniques including working with Hazard Group 2 microorganisms.
- Experience working on a small pilot scale.
- Experience of project management methods and tools.
- A postgraduate qualification in a related field would be desirable but suitable and relevant industrial experience will also be considered.
- Experience working in a regulated environment.
- Analytical experience using a variety of techniques.
Costs incurred by applicants for travelling to any interview granted will not be covered.