Applicants must be experienced in embedded software development with advanced competencies in C and C++. Candidates with experience in radar systems development are preferred. Successful candidate will have: - Progression opportunities. - High degree of responsibility and creative freedom. - Flexible working environment. - Opportunity to work with varying technology. Background This company is a specialist electronic hardware/software company in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire looking for a capable software engineer to join their team to help produce highly ambitious and competitive products. Their brand - wherein they supply radar technology for the Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) sector - has been developed over the past 7 years. They are looking for someone with the skill and tenacity to join their company and drive growth in this sector. Skills Required - Strong knowledge of C and C++. Embedded software knowledge is essential, with knowledge of ARM processors. - Experience in developing radar systems is favourable. - Can work responsibly and autonomously to write and debug code quickly and efficiently to create working systems in line with project requirements. - Able to correspond with clients, comfortably offer technical support with respect to fixing live issues. - Excellent teamwork and communication skills are essential. - Passion for technology and problem solving as well as an eye for detail. - Strong awareness of mathematics and efficient algorithm development is desirable. - Awareness of structured programming principles, for example Agile/SOLID principles with experience working in structured environments. - Undergraduate (or higher) degrees in Computer Science or other engineering or STEM subjects will looked upon favourably. - Experience of being involved with new projects during the analysis and early design phase to shape development approach. Other Important Information: - Salary is negotiable within the stated range. - During the first year of this employment the candidate's fit within the organisation will be monitored.

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