PRIMARY TEACHING ASSISTANT - NORTH LONDON, CAMDEN Ideal for graduates that want to peruse a teaching career! Are you looking for a full time teaching assistant role in south London? -Working specifically with Key stage 2 - Year 5 & Year 6 - Located in Camden, North London - Ideal for recent graduates - Placement starting ASAP - Full academic year. -Full time placement The school / Values Friendly, happy, stimulating place to grow. Strong sense of community that ensure children feel safe and protected Aim to make children become highly motivated, life-long learners Aim to ensure children have high self esteem and to respect themselves, their community and environment Putting children's needs first The role A primary school teaching assistant working specifically with year 5 and 6 in key stage 2. Highly skilled in Numeracy and Literacy to help benefit the key stage whilst pupils are preparing to undergo they're SATs Strong ability to monitor older pupils Clean, positive, motivational attitude For those recent graduates looking to peruse a future career in teaching, this would be an ideal placement in order to gain great experience working 1:1 with primary school children. Key stage 2 pupils will be preparing for their SATs and their journey to secondary education so you will be required to be hands on with individual pupil 1:1 learning preparation. Specific requirements Graduate Previous experience working with children (voluntary, sports, arts ect.) Skilled in Numeracy and Literacy How to apply? Please contact Monique Morgan at Academics.