Amazon Web Services is looking for a motivated individual with strong customer skills and analytical skills to join our AWS security team.

As a member of this team, he or she will play an integral part in AWS's security effort by successfully partnering with various internal and external teams as we develop tools and methods that find and/or prove the absence of security vulnerabilities in code and configurations.

Technical Responsibilities:
- Work with customers to identify areas of application
- Interact with internal service and research groups to develop an understanding of their requirements and feature requests
- Apply the acquired knowledge to drive the building tools that find vulnerabilities, or show their absense.
- Help customers perform analysis of the customer systems using tools developed in-house or externally provided

• Industrial/academic experience in formal verification, program analysis, constraint-solving, theorem proving, and mathematical modeling
• Experience working with customers, users, development teams
• Experience using prototype tools, iterating with development teams on features

• Experience with networks and software defined networks, policies, high-confidence software
• Experience with network identify and authorization
• Undergraduate degree in Math, CS, or a closely related field.