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Army Officer

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Company Army
Location Nationwide
Salary £31,800 Per Annum
Job Type Full Time
Added 2 weeks ago

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Discover an exceptional career

Become a British Army Officer and you’ll bear great responsibility on your shoulders, looking after your team to help make the world a safer, better place. It’s not easy to lead – but the rewards are exceptional, the challenge is incredible and there’s no single bigger adventure in life. Because there’s nothing more rewarding than changing the world for the better, and no feeling more powerful than finding and fulfilling your purpose in life. This is why we lead.

What it takes – and where we can take you

What we look for in our Officer Cadets are leadership potential, a sense of purpose and the drive to do great things. With these qualities in place, we can give you the training you need to take your skills and abilities and shape them into something amazing, whether you’re fresh out of school, have a university education, are professionally qualified or already building a career. From the moment you join the Army, you’ll be set on a clear path for promotion and progression, receiving all the support and opportunity you need to rise through our ranks and realise your potential. 

Become a British Army Officer and you’ll:
- Earn a starting salary upwards of £31,800
- Receive subsided accommodation and facilities, increasing your disposable income 
- Receive free medical and dental health cover 
- Have the continuous access promotional opportunity and to continually progress your career
- Be sponsored to earn valuable civilian-recognised qualifications 
- Take part in adventurous training and be able to play your favourite sports

Becoming a British Army Officer

Starting your journey at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, you’ll learn all the skills you need to be a modern soldier – from weapons handling to outdoor survival – as well as what it takes to lead your team to tackle anything. From skiing in the Alps to white-water rafting in Colorado, you’ll take part in adventurous training around the world, while earning a competitive salary and enjoying all the benefits that come with Army life, from sports and state-of-the-art training facilities to earning valuable qualifications. Then, once you commission, you’ll take charge of 30 soldiers and begin the specialist training you need to be an expert in your role – whether that’s engineering, intelligence gathering or piloting an Apache helicopter. 

We were all born to do great things. To overcome. To empower. To change. If leadership is calling, find where you belong. Apply to become a British Army Officer now.

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